A 4m Donut Trailer For An Australian Customer

Today, we will introduce the 4m donut trailer we have manufactured for one of our Australian customers. Just read ahead! First, you will see some pictures of this donut food trailer. As we can see, it is a beautiful 4m food trailer decorated with donut stickers.

4m donut trailer Australia back view

More Inner Details

Inside the trailer, there is a laminated marble table top, a 1.5mm stainless steel cupboard, a standing drink fridge, single hand washing sink, and a work table. Also, our Australian customer added some other items he needed after receiving the donut trailer.

4m donut trailer inner view
inner view
Beverage Freezer
Beverage Freezer

Video Display

By watching the following video, you will see the exterior and interior of this donut concession trailer.

Cooperate Process

At first, our Australian customer wanted to purchase a food trailer from us. However, we communicated completely online. In fact, he already had a 4m doughnut trailer of his own before. And he wanted to expand his business and copy his own trailer design. Therefore, he filmed some detailed videos to tell us what he wanted.

4m donut trailer Australia

What We Have Done For The Australian Customer

We agreed on the business and designed the floor plan, 3D drawings, and confirmed the details of his donut trailer. Finally, after a lot of producing work, grinding, and 25 days sailing at sea, the trailer was delivered to our customer. What’s more, we did the assistance of paperwork on approval of import of vehicle and registration on the road.

4m donut food trailer Australia

Follow-up of This 4m Donut Trailer

Our customer has now successfully launched his second concession food trailer business. Therefore, he is very happy and sent us the feedback on his food trailer! Meanwhile, we are very happy to get his good feedback and help his business effectively.

4m donut trailer Australia side view

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