4 Sets Of 16ft Double Decker Coffee Trailer Exported To Luxembourg

Today, I will introduce our cases of 4 sets of 16ft double decker coffee trailer exported to luxembourg. Just read ahead and see the details of these double decker coffee trailers.
four sets 16ft double decker coffee trailer to Luxembourg

Configuration of These 4 Sets 16ft Double Decker Coffee Trailers

Size: 5.0*2.1*2.3m
Inner equipment: these are standard food trailers,  each of them contains two stainless workbenches, hot and cold water tap, two sinks, and two tanks. After receiving these trailers, our customer added some other equipment he needed for selling coffee.

stainless workbenches
16ft double decker coffee trailer inner overview

two tanks
two sinks

What Do Our Customers Use These Trailers For?

The customer uses these trailers to sell coffee. After he received these trailers, he installed coffee machine, water boiler, tea-making machine, fridge, tables, and chairs. That allows the customer to serve diners better.

Video of These 4 Sets 16ft Double Decker Coffee Trailers

This is the video of these double-decker coffee trailers taken before shipping. In this video, you will have an overview of these double-decker coffee trailers. Also, you can see more videos of our food trailers from our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@CampFoodTrailer.

Customer’s Feedback Of 16ft Double Decker Coffee Trailer

According to our customer, the double decker coffee trailer business is always very good. Therefore, our customer is very satisfied with these coffee trailers. He sent us a video of one of the trailers. Here, in the following, you can see the fully equipped double decker coffee trailers our customer had put into use.

Why Our Customer Choose These Double Decker Coffee Trailers

The double decker coffee trailer is attractive and cool, the special design can attract more customers for you. And you can make more personal design on it, like table, chairs, menu board, speaker and so on.

16ft double decker coffee trailer Luxembourg

Besides, The double decker food trailer can hold more customers. On the first floor, customers can sit there to wait for food or enjoy the food. They can also buy things from the serving window. On the second floor, customers can also sit there to enjoy the food and enjoy the view. As you can imagine, that will be so comfortable.

16ft double decker coffee trailer to Luxembourg

Are you searching for a coffee trailer to start a mobile food trailer business? Our double decker coffee trailer will be a perfect choice for you. We can manufacture a similar food trailer like this one, or customize one for you. The body color, stickers, signage, and kitchen equipment of the food trailer can be customized. Don’t hesitate to contact us now! Just leave a message in the form below and tell us your specific requirements!

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