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This is one of our customer cases in Canada. According to the customer's requirement, we customized a 30ft square food trailer with cold storage. See the details below!


This is a 9.2m food trailer we have manufactured for one of our customers from Toronto, Canada.

Size: 9.2*2.1*2.5m

Inner Equipment:

walk in fridge, drink fridge, fryers, griddle, hot dog machine, ice cream machine.

Function: mobile kitchen, mobile cold storage

What’s Special About This Food Trailer?

1. The trailer has three axis, so the trailer has a very strong load-carrying capacity.
2. It meets the Canada standard. You can see this unique style with a triangular shape and small window.
3. It is very convenient to move and driving around with the kitchen and fridge.

Tips: We can manufacture a similar food trailer like this one, or customize one for you. The body color, stickers, signage, kitchen equipment of the food trailer can be customized.

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9.2m Food Trailer to Toronto Canada

Custom requirements

Video Display Of The 30ft Food Trailer

Customer's Feedback

After receiving the food trailer with cold storage, our customer is very satisfied with it. He send us a picture as the feedback. See the picture below.

Canadian customer's feedback

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