Double Decker Food Trailer

A double decker food trailer is a mobile food business that has two stories. Typically, it is equipped with a kitchen on the bottom level, featuring a large countertop, a stove, refrigerator, and other essential cooking tools. Usually, the top level is an outdoor dining area, complete with seating, tables, and awnings or umbrellas for shade. Double decker food trailers are popular in festivals, fairs, and other outdoor events, as they provide a convenient way to serve up a wide variety of food to customers. With two levels, double decker food trailers also provide extra space to store food, drinks, and other supplies.

double-decker food trailer
double decker food trailer

10-36ft double decker trailers for sale

  • Material: stainless /galvanized steel
  • Inner equipment: customizable
  • Color: customizable

Export Cases Of Camp Double Decker Trailers For Sale

This is one of our American customer’s feedback. Yes, the double decker food trailer can be used not only to sell food, but also to sell clothes. By moving this trailer, our customer can change the service location anytime and anywhere. Therefore, for our customer, this double decker vending trailer is very convenient to use.

Video Of Camp 18ft Double Decker Food trailer

The following are our 18ft double decker food trailer for sale manufactured for our American customers. Actually, these are double decker coffee trailers because our customers use them to sell coffee. Coffee is a popular drink in our customers’ country. So, their business is always good.
The double decker trailer in this video is a standard one. However, we can customize it according to your actual demand. Therefore, just tell us your specific demand for you double decker food trailer, we can provide the one you like.

Video Of Camp 20ft Double Decker Food trailer

This video is an overview of Camp 20ft double decker food trailer. Camp 20ft double decker food trailer is a versatile and convenient mobile kitchen designed to provide on-the-go cooking and dining services. In general, this trailer features two floors and a full-size kitchen, offering enough space to accommodate a variety of foodservice needs. usually, the upper level provides a spacious dining area, while the lower level is equipped with a commercial kitchen, which might including a large refrigerator, range, oven, and deep fryer.

In a word, with its easy-to-use design and versatile capabilities, Camp 20ft double decker food trailer is an efficient and reliable solution for catering events, festivals, and other outdoor gatherings.

Main Components of A Double Decker Food Trailer

The double decker food trailer consists of two layers. Generally speaking, the operating area is on the first floor. Customers can enjoy their food on the first or second floor. Besides double decker trailer, we can also manufacture single decker food trailer. The following are some components of a double decker trailer.

first floor
first floor
operation table
operation table
Spiral staircase
Spiral staircase
second floor
second floor

The Benefits of Owning a Double Decker Food trailer

Owning a double decker food trailer can be a great way to start a mobile food business. Simply put, double decker food trailers allow you to maximize your space and serve up a variety of food items to your customers. Not only is it convenient and cost effective, but also there are a number of benefits to owning a double decker food trailer.

First, a double decker food trailer provides more storage space than a single level food trailer. That means, it allows you to store more food, equipment, and supplies, giving you the opportunity to serve a greater variety of items to your customers.

Secondly, Double decker food trailers offer several advantages over traditional food trailers. For one, they provide more room and seating, allowing customers to enjoy a meal in a comfortable and spacious environment. Additionally, they feature a larger kitchen area, enabling you to prepare multiple items at once and serve more people in a shorter amount of time.

16FT double decker trailer
16FT double decker trailer
16ft double - decker trailer
16ft double - decker trailer
16 foot double decker food trailer
16 foot double decker food trailer

Thirdly, the double decker design has the potential to draw in more customers. Usually, customers are always drawn to something unique, and a double decker food trailer is definitely a unique way to serve food. Not only does it draw in customers, but it also offers a great visual for marketing purposes. For example, people passing by will be more likely to stop and take a look, increasing your potential for sales. What’s more, double decker food trailer allows customers to enjoy a better view while dining. All that makes a double decker food trailer appealing on the street.

Finally, a double decker food vending trailer is a great choice for catering events. The two levels allows you to serve more customers in a shorter amount of time, making your business more profitable.

We Offer Customized Double Decker Trailers For Sale

If you are interested in running a double decker food trailer, Camp will be a good partner for you. With more than 10 years’ manufacture and export experience, Camp is a double decker trailer vendor you can rely on.

Tips for Starting a Double Decker Food trailer Business

When starting a double layer food trailer business, it’s important to choose a location that will attract the most customers. So, consider potential traffic patterns and the types of neighborhoods that may be interested in your food trailer.

1. Choose the Right Location

Mobile coffee cartsrequire significantly lower startup costs than physical cafes, making them a great option for entrepreneurs with limited capital.

2. Secure the Necessary Permits and Licenses

Before you can set up the food trailer, you’ll need to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. For instance, this includes both business and health permits, so make sure you contact the relevant authorities to ensure you’re in compliance with local regulations.

3. Develop a Business Plan

Developing a business plan is essential for any successful business venture. Therefore, this plan should include your strategies for marketing and promotion, pricing, and staffing needs.

4. Properly Maintain Your Trailer

Maintaining your trailer is essential for providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your customers. Make sure to inspect your trailer regularly for any potential safety or maintenance issues.

18ft double decker trailer
18ft double decker trailer
18ft double decker coffee trailer
18ft double decker coffee trailer

By following these tips, you can set yourself up for success with your double decker food trailer business. Just choose the one you love today!

If you are searching for a double decker food trailer for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us now! As a professional double decker food trailers manufacturer and exporter, Camp industrial Co, Ltd has more than 10 years’ experience of manufacture and export, we can provide customers the perfect double decker food trailer for sale with reasonable price. Plus, we have exported to more than 60 countries all over the world, and we know the different requirements for food trailers in each region. Besides, our professional sales staff will provide the corresponding documents with you. What’s more, if you have any custom requirements, we will also ensure compliance with your local regulations.

In a word, the manufacture and export experience of our company can save customers from worries. So, if you are interested in starting a double decker food trailer, please don’t hesitate to contact us now! Just leave a message in the form below and tell us your requirement, and our sales will reply you in 24 hours! Just contact us now!


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