16ft Container Food Trailer for A Customer from New York, USA

Recently, a 16ft container food trailer we have manufactured has been delivered to a customer from New York, USA. As you can see, the following are some pictures of this container food trailer we have taken in the factory.

16.4ft container trailer

Inner Details Of This 16ft Container Food Trailer

Inside this 16ft container trailer, there are mainly some kitchen equipment such as a cocktail station, a countertop, several sinks, etc. Also, there are some lights and an air conditioner inside the trailer. Actually, we have customized the trailer as a bar trailer according to the customer’s specific requirements. Here, you can learn more about our container trailer through our Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ultpQfeFk3k.

inner view of 16.4ft container bar trailer

Application Of This 16ft Container Food Trailer

Our customer use this trailer to operate a cocktail bar in an open-air clubhouse. It is a 16ft bar trailer.

Story Between The American Customer And Henan Camp

A customer from New York, USA found us through Alibaba and told us that he needed a trailer to operate a cocktail bar in an open-air clubhouse. Later, the customer decided on the style of the container and the size of 16 feet. Finally, the customer explained to us the details of the bar he needed, and we suggested a bar that matched the customer’s needs.

16.4ft container bar trailer

After confirming the 3D drawings, the factory started the 35 working days of production. Upon receiving the trailer, the customer was very satisfied with the quality and details. Of course, this trailer has expanded our customer’s business.

5m container bar trailer

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