Two sets 18ft Food Trailers For A Customer from Los Angeles

Today, I will introduce the two sets of 18ft food trailers we have manufactured for one of our customers from Los Angeles, California. Just read ahead!

black food trailer front view

Detailed Information Of The Two Sets 18ft Food Trailers

First, you will see some pictures of these food trailers we have taken in our factory. As we can see, one is a black food trailer, another is a white food trailer. Inside the trailer, there is mainly some kitchen equipment such as grill, stove, fryer, range hood, work table, sinks etc.

black food trailer back viewwhite food trailer back view

food trailer inner details

Video Display of These Two Sets 18ft Food Trailers

The following are videos of the two food trailers we have taken in the factory. The first one is a black food trailer, the second one is a white food trailers. By watching these videos, you will see the exterior and interior of the two food trailers. Also, you can see more of our food trailers from Henan Camp’s YouTube channel here:


Why This American Customer Bought Our Food Trailers

This customer bought two 18ft food trailers from us last year. He had started business with these two trailers. Since the business is always very good, he wanted to buy two more this year. After we received the order, we soon manufactured two more food trailers with the same kitchen equipment inside the trailer. Now, our customer has already received the two food trailers.

white food trailer front view

Cooperation Process

After receiving the requirements of the American customer, we agreed on the business and designed the floor plan, 3D drawings, and confirmed other detailed requirements of his food trailers. Finally, after a lot of producing work, grinding, and 25 days sailing at sea, the trailer was delivered to our customer. Also, we did the assistance of paper work on approval of import of vehicle and registration on road.

black food trailer side view

Customer’s feedback on The Two sets 18ft Food Trailers

In the following, you will see the feedback pictures our customer has sent to us. Our customer has already put the two food trailers into use. The business is always very good. Therefore, he is very happy and sends us pictures of his food trailers. Meanwhile, we are very happy to get his good feedback and help his business effectively.

American customer feedback
customer feedback America

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