American Customer’s Feedback Of Round Coffee Trailer

Good news! One of our customers from USA recently sent us some feedback of the 10ft round food trailer he bought from us. He was extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the service we provided. As we can see in the picture below, our customer use this round food trailer to serve coffee.

round coffee trailer
round coffee trailer

Why This American Customer Buy This Round Food Trailer

In order to expand his business in the local market, he chose this round food trailer, as it would provide him with an array of options for serving his customers.
Our Customer once purchased a custom square food trailer from us. He was very satisfied with our product and service. Now, he want to expand his business, again, he remembered our company and repurchased this round food trailer.

10ft round food trailer
10ft round food trailer

Detailed Information Of The Round Food Trailer

We have customized this round food trailer to fit our customer’s exact needs, making them perfect for his business. He was very satisfied with the trailer and is now able to serve a wider variety of customers in his local area.

The entire body and work surface of the round coffee trailer are made from 201 stainless steel. In addition, all parts that come into direct contact with food are made from 304 food grade stainless steel.

12 ft round food trailer

In order to meet the needs of customer, we opened a small square window in the front of the trailer. This window is easily accessible and can be opened or closed if necessary. Additionally, the main service window is a lift-up window, with a simple external countertop. Above the main service window, there is a retractable canopy, which serves the dual purpose of providing shade and protection from the rain. This canopy can be easily retracted when needed.

12 foot round food trailer
12 foot round food trailer

Are you planning to buy a food trailer? Please don’t hesitate to contact us now! We not only provide food trailers with standard configuration, but also customized fully-equipped food trailers. To emphasize, we have a wide list of auxiliary equipment for customers to choose from. If you are interested in any type of our food trailers for sale, just leave a message in the form below, our sales will reply in 24 hours!
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