4.5m Pet Trailer For a Singaporean Customer

Hello, everyone! Today I will introduce the 4.5m pet trailer we have made for one of our customers from Singapore. First, you will see a feedback picture of this pet trailer. Just read ahead!

4.5m pet trailer customer's feedback customer's feedback of 4.5m pet trailer

Detailed Information Of This 4.5m Pet Trailer

Size: 4.5*2.1*2.1 meters
Function: pet trailer
Internal configuration: pet bathtub, pet operating table, pet cage, etc.

4.5m pet trailer inner view

Why Our Customer Bought This 4.5m Pet Trailer From Us

The customer needs to secure the trailer on the land he rents to start a mobile pet grooming and hairdressing business.

Of course, we can provide customers with a trailer for pet service. We can customize a trailer and the inner equipment for your specific demands, just tell us your requirements!

Free 3D Drawing of This 4.5m Pet Trailer

In the following, you will see the free 3D drawing our designer has drawn for our customer.

4.5m pet trailer 3D drawing
4.5m pet trailer 3D drawing
4.5m pet trailer 3D design drawing
4.5m pet trailer 3D drawing

Free 3D Video of This 4.5m Pet Trailer

Below, you will see the free 3D video our designer made for our customer.

As you can see above, for customers who have ordered food trailers from us, we provide free service of 2D/3D plan drawing. After confirming the dimensions of the trailers and the internal equipment, we can provide you with 3D drawings for free. This will give you a clearer idea of your design and your trailer. When confirming the location of the inner equipment, we can communicate with you through the floor plan. We can also provide you with original documents to facilitate your design and make adjustments.

We can manufacture a similar trailer like the above, or customize one according to your specific requirements. Just contact us to tell us about your ideas! Leave a message in the form below, our sales will reply as soon as possible!
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