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Are you in the market for a catering food trailer to kickstart your catering business? Look no further than our catering food trailer for sale! Just read on and see what options you can get from our company!

With the rising trend of food trucks and mobile catering services, owning a catering food trailer can provide you with the convenience and flexibility to take your culinary creations anywhere. Our catering food trailer for sale is the perfect choice for those looking to enter the thriving mobile food trailer industry or expand their current business.

Here at Henan Camp, we have many types of catering food trailers for sale for your selection, just read ahead and see what you can get from us!

18ft catering trailer for sale

Tips: We can manufacture a similar mobile catering trailer like the above, or customize one according to your specific requirements. For example, you can choose the size, body color, shape, graphics and kitchen equipment, etc. Just leave a message to tell us about your ideas!

This is a customized 18ft mobile catering food trailer we have manufactured for one of our customers from New Zealand.  As a professional food trailer manufacturer and exporter with more than 10 years of experience, Henan Camp Industrial Co., Ltd. provides custom-made mobile catering trailers for sale at factory price. Please feel free to contact us.

Model: 23-9095 Body size: 5500*2000*2000mm Usage: Indian kitchen trailer,  fast food trailer or other food trailer, whatever you like.
Leading Time
Quantity(Units) 1 >1
Est. Time(Days) 30 To be negotiated

More Details of 18ft Catering Trailer For Sale

Here at Henan Camp, we specialize in the manufacture and export of mobile catering trailers. These catering food trailers come complete with a full kitchen, including, sinks, work table, overhead lights, air conditioner, griddle, grill, range hood, and more. They are sturdy and can be customized to your needs. With a bright, cheerful tropical design, these catering trailers will turn heads and draw attention wherever they go. The following are some pictures of the 18ft food trailer catering we have manufactured. Just read on and see what we have done for our customers.

18ft catering trailer for sale front view
18ft catering trailers for sale
18ft catering food trailer side view
18ft catering food trailer inner view
18ft catering food trailer work table
18ft catering food trailer kitchen equipment
18ft catering food trailer inner parts

We can see that the exterior of the catering fast food trailer is decorated with luminous words according to the customer’s requirements, which look vibrant and inviting. The interior of this trailer has a compact and reasonable layout.

Crafted with high-quality materials and equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, our food trailer is designed to meet the demands of a bustling catering business. The spacious interior allows for efficient food preparation and ample storage space for all your ingredients and supplies. In the following, you will get to know this 18ft catering food trailer more intuitively through a video.

Display Video of 18ft Catering Trailer

The whole vehicle adopts a stainless steel body. It can be applied for selling anything from fast food, kebabs, hot dogs, retail operations, flower operations, sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, etc.

Parameter of This 18ft Catering Food Trailer for Sale

Type18ft catering trailer
Dimension5500*2000*2000mm, L*W*H, or customized 18ft*6.56ft*6.56ft,L*W*H, customized
Standard Configuration1) 201 Stainless steel interior wall, 2) 201 stainless steel workbench, 3) 304 Stainless steel sinks *2 4) hot & cold tap *1 5) 20L water basket *2 6) tire*4 7) jack*4 8) big service window * 1 9) socket*6 10) power switch More, customized
Our services1. OEM ODM services 2. Customized trailer size, color, serve window, kitchen equipment, snack machines, LOGO, billboard, toilet, bathroom, brake, taillight, etc 3. Free floor design, 2D/3D design, etc
Customized StandardUSA, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Israel, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, etc.

Why Our Catering Trailer Is A Great Choice

our catering food trailer has been designed with mobility in mind.

Featuring sturdy wheels and a durable chassis, our food trailer can be easily transported to various events and locations, giving you the opportunity to cater to a wider audience. Whether you want to set up at a local festival, market or private event, our food trailer is the perfect companion to showcase your delicious dishes.

keeping your ingredients fresh while on the move

Worried about keeping your ingredients fresh while on the move? Our catering food trailer has got you covered! Equipped with a refrigeration unit, your ingredients will stay fresh and safe to consume, which is essential for maintaining a successful catering business. Also, with customizable options, our food trailer can be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. From the layout to the design, you can create a food trailer that reflects your brand and stands out from the competition.

advertise your brand

Our catering food trailer is not just a workspace, but also a marketing tool. With its striking exterior and customizable graphics, it can act as a mobile billboard for your business. This means you can advertise your brand and attract potential customers to your location, making it an effective marketing strategy.

warranty and prompt customer service

Worried about the maintenance and upkeep of a food trailer? Our catering food trailer for sale comes with a warranty and prompt customer service. We understand that investing in a food trailer is a big decision, which is why we provide a warranty and quality after-sales service to help you keep your food trailer in top condition. With our years of experience and expertise in the food industry, we are committed to providing you with the best food trailer possible.

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As you can see, our catering food trailer for sale is more than just a means to serve food. It is a complete package that can help take your catering business to new heights. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity and get your hands on our catering food trailer today! Contact us for more information and let us help you make your dreams of owning a successful catering business a reality. Don’t wait, act now!

Some of Our Customer's Review

The following are some of our customer’s reviews on our French fry trailers. Just see what our customers said about our French fry trailers. “love the trailer. love the way they design it. nice big and roomy.” Said one of our customers from the United States. American customer review on fry trailer “The seller is very knowledgeable and professional. Even though I knew nothing about constructing and shipping a food trailer, the representative was able to walk me through the process in a patient and proficient manner. the company was committed to delivering a quality product and they kept me 100% involved in the process. the quality customer assistance did not end once the trailers were deliver but continues to this day.” Said one of our customers from the United States. American customer review on french fry trailer “The seller is a awesome dealer all products are quality accompanied by terrific follow up customer service. I 100% recommend this company.” Said one of our customers from the United States. America customer review on french fry trailer “Half the price. legit quality. hardest part is importing but once you figure it out it’s relatively simple. cannot be shipped with axle and wheel installed so make sure you have someone mechanically inclined during pick up. bring tools.” Said one of our customers from the United States. America customer review on Camp french fry trailer “wonderful customer service.” Said one of our customers from the United States. United States customer review on french fry trailer “It is good.” Said one of our customers from Bulgaria. Bulgaria customer review on french fry trailer

What You can Get from Henan Camp

At Henan Camp, our sales and engineers can give you useful advice. We can provide high quality custom-made catering kitchen trailer for sale to meet your specific demand. 

High-quality Customized Food Trailers

We can manufacture similar food trailers as shown on this website, or customize one for you. The body color, stickers, signage, kitchen equipment of the food trailer can be highly customized.

  1. The trailer body is made of high quality galvanized sheet, which has the feature of good heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
  2. The trailer frame is durable, corrosion-resistant, and has a service life of up to 30 years.
  3. The interior structureof the food trailer is all made of 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

2D/3D floor plan drawing

For customers who have ordered food trailers from us, you can enjoy our free service of 2D/3D plan drawing. After confirming the dimensions of the kitchen trailers and the internal kitchen equipment, we can provide you with 3D drawings for free. This will give you a clearer idea of your design and your food trailer. When confirming the location of kitchen equipment, we can clearly communicate with you through the floor plan. We can also provide you with original documents to facilitate your design and make adjustments.

Certificates Qualification

Our mobile food trailers have COC, DOT and CE certificates. Also, we can provide VIN numbers, which can help customers get licensed and be legal on the street. In some areas where there are requirements for chassis and accessories, we will also provide corresponding certificates to ensure that customers can use our products without worries.

For the equipment inside the food trailer, all the internal equipment have certificates to help customers pass the inspection of the health department.
certificate qualification

If you can tell us in detail about the above questions, our sales will give you professional advice for your project, they will help you make a smart and cost-saving investment. What is worth mentioning is that if you meet any problems, we will be online. Please remember, no matter whether you have bought our machine, or haven’t bought our machine, we are here ready to serve you!


Q1. Are you manufacturer?
A1. yes, OEM,we are manufacturer with our own workshop;

Q2. What is MOQ?
A2. No matter which model 1set is our MOQ.

Q3. Do your products meet our country’s standards?
A3. All our trailer will be made according to different countries standard,  including wires, taillight, outlet, sinks etc. Our trailer has British style, American style, European style, and Australian style etc. Also, the trailer will be tested on road before delivery.

Q4. Can the size, appearance and color of your food trailer be customized?
A4.Yes, all of them can be customized according to your requirements.

Q5. What kinds of kitchen equipment are available?
A5.Many kinds, such as fryers, ovens, refrigerators etc. Please contact us to get kitchen equipment.

Contact Us

Henan Camp Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional mobile catering food trailers manufacturer and exporter. If you choose us, we will provide one-stop service from drawing design to fully equipping the mobile catering cart. Our products have CE, ISO9001, DOT, COC, and other certifications. If you have other requirements, just tell us.

In the following, you can see our company profile video on Youtube. To see more of our food trailer videos, you can visit our Youtube channel:

Our food trailers have been exported to countries such as North America: The United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, French Polynesia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Curacao. Oceania: Australia, New Zealand. Europe: UK, France, Malta, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland. Asia: Georgia, Singapore, Thailand, Bahrain. Africa: Libya, Benin, Kenya etc. Many customers speak highly of our food trailers.  If you are interested in our shawarma food truck for sale. Welcome to contact us now! Just leave a message in the form below, and we will reply in 24 hours!


Our sales is at service 24 hours.

Project Tips:

1. What is the plan for your food trailer?
2. Which size do you prefer?
3. What shape of food trailer you want?
4. What kind of food do you want to sell?
5. Where do you want the food trailer to be used?
6. Do you want a fully equipped food trailer?

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